Dr Raj Kumar -
Dental Expert

Dr Raj Kumar BDS LDSRCS MSc ImpDent MAGDS RCSEd PGCert Facial Aesthetics PGCert Orthodontics Expert Witness

“Not for ourselves are we born” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Dentistry is not an exact science, with a small number of dentists and patients coming to disagreement. The patient complaint may be justified or frivolous and so it takes an expert to help the court in coming to a decision of wrong or right.

Expert witnesses help the court in giving an educated opinion on what action was taken and what was the outcome, whether to the accepted standard or below.

About Dr Raj Kumar

Dr Raj Kumar BDS LDSRCS MSc ImpDent MAGDS RCSEd PGCert Facial Aesthetics PGCert Orthodontics Expert Witness

Dr Kumar qualified from Guys Hospital in 1989 with a BDS.

In 1990 he obtained his LDS RCS from the Royal College of Surgeons London.

He worked as an NHS dentist from 1990 and set up a private practice in 1995 in the West End of London.

He has been at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry since 1995 and started placing dental implants soon after. 

For the last 25 years Dr Kumar as maintained a private practice from Harley St London and currently in the city, having sold his NHS practice in 2017. 

For the last 10 years Dr Kumar has been involved in discussions with local dental committees, primary care trusts, the General Dental Council, the Dental Complaints Service with regards to helping colleagues with either patient or regulatory complaints. 

He has helped develop examination and consent templates that have helped colleagues to satisfy PCT and GDC undertakings. 

His wealth of experience and postgraduate knowledge has helped his peers to satisfy patients’ wishes and avoid patient complaints. 

He acts as a mentor to dentists that contacts him with any regulatory problems. 

He has acted as a mediator for patients as well.

Doctor Kumar as an ability to read into patient treatments and to decipher the important tracts that relate to consent and treatment provided. 

Having a good understanding of dental guidelines and expert literature helps Dr Kumar to create informative and corresponding medical legal reports.

Dr Kumar maintains that the gold standards in dental guidelines should only be followed by those equipped with the necessary qualifications and that all peers should be treated at the level that they were educated to; notwithstanding that all colleagues must keep abreast of all dental guidelines published by the various societies .