Expert Opinion Areas

  • Expert opinion areas
  • Emergency dental care 
  • treatment planning and diagnosis 
  • patient consent 
  • routine dental treatment including:
  • periodontal care 
  • restorative dentistry 
  • crowns
  • root canal treatment 
  • fixed bridge work 
  • removable prostheses
  • extractions 
  • cosmetic dentistry 
  • complex dental treatment including:
  • implant dentistry 
  • orthodontics 
  • facial aesthetics 


Instructions accepted for 

  • professional indemnity providers 
  • single joint expert 
  • causation and liability reports 
  • condition and prognosis reports 
  • screening reports 

on initial contact please could you provide 

  1. enough details of the case to be assessed to determine whether this is within my area of expertise 
  2. enough details about the parties determine any conflict of interest 
  3. an approximate time frame for the completion of a report 

I will endeavour to respond to all email inquiries within 3 days